On being gay & the LGBT community

‘One Million Moms’ has  harangued JC Penny for hiring spokeswoman Ellen Degeneres because she’s a lesbian. How stupid!
It’s amazing to think that in this day and age some people are still so unaccepting and uneducated. It’s quite sad really. Especially the younger generations.
In response? JC Penny featured a handsome male couple in their special father’s day ad. Way to stick it to them, no pun intended. HA. How wonderful!

…Seeing the ad made me remember my photo documentary for school. I chose to do my social injustice project on the LGBT community. I also wrote an old bloggie on my assignment. It’s pretty old but I’ve copied and pasted it below…

…or try :)

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
It’s been a crazy sort of four months. But, a very good sort of crazy.
My last posting was a little over two months ago and surprisingly I’ve been getting emails asking me to continue to write!
I thought my mom was the only one who read this silly blog of mine. ha.
Today’s blog is a quickie though! I just wanted to finally put something up. More will follow suit soon. And, for those who’ve been
emailing and writing you’ll be sorry you ever asked me to follow up on my bloggies. I’ve been feeling particularly inspired over the last couple of months and have really been itching to freely write but have been so busy working on the mag (which will be put out within the month) and writing for the paper (my articles will be posted soon too) and all of that other stuff I seem to always get myself tangled in! Which in my very boring world means work,work, volunteer, and well…more work.

Anyhow, a few weeks ago I ended up taking photographs for a class assignment. We were asked to photograph an issue close to our hearts.
I decided to snap photos along Toronto’s very own Church Street.
The issue is close to me because I have many close family and friends who belong to the LGBT community.
My photographs aim to show that lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transvestites are one in the same with ‘straights.’
They drink Starbucks. They ride bikes. They have family. They are caring. They are intelligent. They walk dogs. They poop,pee and curse–just like straight people. And seriously, they should be treated with the same amount of respect.
The idea of the ‘other’ is a whack-job of stupid and people really need to educate themselves and smarten up.
Everybody is considered ‘other’ at some point. In some way, everybody is a minority.
Short people are heckled. I was always the damn monkey in the middle
Chinese people get the ‘ching, chong, chee.’ Seriously? Those aren’t even real words!
(Smarten up! If you’re going to imitate our dialect do it properly at the very least…c’monnn)
Women are criticized and called ‘bitchy’ when they go out and grab what’s rightfully theirs.
Young.Old.Black.White.Poor.Too Rich. And the list goes on…
In short, everybody is considered ‘other.’ Maybe as a society the idea of ‘other’ should be re-examined and then extinguished.
Rather than exclude people need to sympathize and help to fix the major discrepancies in our world.
It really does start with a little change in mindset =)

For me? It started with a little introduction to vocabulary change.
Growing up I always used “gay” as my default word for stupid, silly, ugly, or dumb. On my part, it was sheer ignorance. I didn’t realize that until my first year of university when my brother so kindly pointed it out to me. I don’t use the word gay anymore! Or at least I try my best not to anyway

Anyway, this was a great project for me to shoot and discover. I met some wonderful people that day roaming church street. (Does anybody also find it a tad ironic? ‘Church’ street for gay-street?)

What I still wonder though is if it’s necessary to have a street dedicated to the LGBT community? I mean to have a street dedicated to anybody implies that there is the idea of the ‘other.’ I wonder the same thing for Chinatown or any towns dedicated to sects of people within cities.
But again, to have a street dedicated to your community is to instill and project pride in uniqueness.

i suck at riding and would likely kill myself but i’d ride the PRIDE BIKE! loves it!!


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