…Treacher Collins?

I don’t make it a habit to disguise my love for trash television. That’s right folks! I love my bachelorette and seemingly trivial and superly superficial shows aired on MTV. But I also enjoy my documentaries from time to time too. SECRETS OUT!
No joke…I turn my phone to airplane mode, I get in comfy sweats I throw my hair up in a shitty pony tail and kick my feet up.
It’s quite the hideous sight! But, who cares… no need to look pretty when you’re working on your brain.

Anyway, my love for docs isn’t a complete secret since those who really  know me know just how riled up I can get when I talk about things that strike my passion. Women’s rights? Racism? Hierarchies? Colonialism ANYBODY? Haha.
Watch out, I’m never afraid to chew anybody up and spit them out…when it comes to matters of right and wrong :)
I’m always up for a good friendly debate…
(I can sense eyes rolling…don’t ROLE YOUR EYES AT ME…i don’t make a habit of chewing and spitting…i’m uber perky and sweet…HAHA!don’t laugh!) but seriously, I make no apologies for having a brain and voicing my thoughts, ever. I will apologize, however, for chewing and spitting…because it’s not nice! and kinda gross. :)
…no, but I do listen and despite how aggressive I may sometimes come off I am reflecting and will likely get back to a fellow debater hours later with a follow up call saying… HMMM, I see where you were coming from…blahblahblah

Anyway, I digress (as usual)

I was introduced to documentary heaven yesterday and on my search for the documentary, ‘bully, which I’ve just been dying to watch (but was not available on doc. heaven) I came across another interesting documentary on treacher collins syndrome, So What if my Baby is Born Like Me?

The documentary follows the lives of  couple, Jono  and  Laura, who are thinking of having a baby. Everything seems all fine and dandy but Jono is a carrier of the disease, Treacher Collins.
TCS is a syndrome that affects 1 in 50,000 births. It’s caused by gene abnormality and affects bone and tissue development. TCS  is characterized by traits like unusually formed ears, eyes that slant downwards, sparse eyelashes and a smaller lower jaw.

For those interested it’s an interesting documentary that explores issues like human dignity, equality and morals.
After watching the documentary I found myself questioning what I would do if I had TCS. Would I still try for my own baby knowing that there was a 30% likelihood I could pass  the  disease onto my kid? Likely not.

I understand the desire to want your own kid but more so I can identify with wanting the absolute best for your own. If I had even the slightest inkling that there was the possibility of my child to be having a  birth defect that could put him/her at a health disadvantage I don’t think I could take the chance. There are other options like adoption.
BUT that’s not to say I don’t feel for Laura and Jona. I completely understand why they would want a child of their own to take care of.
On another note, just the journalist in me… BUT, I didn’t enjoy how the documentary started with scenes of the young couple partying it up. It was completely irrelevant to the documentary. I’m sure it was an angle meant to compartmentalize the couple as young and thoughtless.
I say KUDOS to the couple for doing their due diligence in researching and really trying to understand whether or not they could beat the odds. AND SHAME to all of the ugly people out there writing nasty comments about them… SERIOUSLY!??
Let’s educate ourselves and talk about the issues people and not about the way people look! My effin gawdddd…

But before I go off on my usual heated rants… I’ll spare you…
Here’s the link to the documentary for those interested…

OR, on youtube


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