A Best Date is a … Girls Date!

I am always amazed by girls who don’t have real girl friends.
It’s kind of sad. A girl who doesn’t know how to keep or make girl friends is a girl I can’t trust.
Girls that are only capable of hanging out with guys because “dudes are drama free!” are full of cacameme bullshit.
Guys are not always drama free and unemotional… In fact, I know guys who cry more than I do at some of the stupidest poop.
Chickflick tearjerkers, boys? Or, I know guys who get upset over non-calls. All fine and dandy boys until you pull a “girls are so emotional” card out of the drawer. A HUGE NA-UH!
Guys are only deemed less emotional after they’ve expelled all of their emotions at the get-go. We tend to forget how emotional they really are. Girls, on the other hand, have sporadic glimpses of being emotional. And that’s that my friends!!
I say ‘Tomato!’ You say ‘TOMATOH!


Chick dates are great! My lady friends and I had dinner in Unionville’s Mainstreet the other week.
How many dates have been spent there we will never know. But, it’s always a great place no matter what season.
Spring? Summer? Fall? You name it, it’s always romantical!

We had a relaxed dinner at the pub followed by a jey-guided tour of the neighborhood along the romantic walking path, the beautiful homes (where David Suzuki is rumored to live) and the pretty wishing pond.
The guided tour was also replete with many interesting stories! that are never to be shared in blog or other form :) !!
Best part of our date? The random conversations that are always sparked…
Gilman’s The yellow wallpaper (of course on patriarchy and the defined roles of men and women), careers (CONGRATS, Assumpta for your new job in Gore Bay!!), school (CONGRATS BT for kicking butt in your GMAT and getting into your choice school!), the documentary Bully, Pavlov’s theory on classical conditioning related to dating (HAHAH!), my absolute love for Malcolm Gladwell HA!, and yadiyadayada…
…Also, for those enquiring…YES! we started a women’s movement…my girl friend has decidedly called it ‘SUPRA!’
I don’t know what the heck it means…but it sounded pretty SUPER!
something about dominating the world…and learning math…as in…
something or the other :)
(justttt kidding men…don’t get all emotional on me! HA. i’m so funny.)

“oh jey, you’re too much to handle sometimes!”
“Oh Jey! did you really just say that?”
“oh Jey! you’re too much”
…i can hear it now!

DON’T oh jey me!! :) haha
i am too much to handle, this I know!
But, it’s always better to be too much than to lack…right!? RIGHT!

Interesting FACTOID about Mainstreet Unionville?
The towns square in Gilmore Girls was inspired by mainstreet.
Also, the homes have to follow certain criteria and must look a certain way. Neighborhood watch is quite strict.

A GIRL DATE…Now that’s a real date…just my kinda date!!!

Cheers to my ladies :)
my very intelligent and strong ladies!


About Jeanette

Bride-to-be and former TV gal turned entrepreneuress who loves chic street style, tea time and all things piaoliang ("pretty" in Chinese)

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