Congratulations to my little-bro!!! (also known as one of my nicer and less sarcastic blogs!)

Blog three: August 17, 2012 

Play this while you read my blog. It makes me sound a lot nicer :) HAHA!
My musical taste is atrocious and I’m so unashamed. This song brings back wonderful memories.Oh, how I miss the dear 90’s.

Today I witnessed my little-bro convocate.
I know, I know ‘convocate’ is not a real word but it comes from the word convocation—I think it should be allowed. I mean, graduations have graduates therefore convocations should have convocates. And to graduate is to convocate, no?
Merriam or Oxford should really expand their vocab.  Ugh.

Congrats for winning best first feature, core! and for that gag golden bagel award. apparently he was worthy enough to marry his program coordinator’s son. JOB WELL DONE VFS graduates! job well done guys :)

Anyway, as I was saying… I saw Core graduate today and it was so wonderful to witness my final sibling convocate.
This makes post-secondary graduation number 9 for the Liu-clan kids. To say I’m proud is an understatement.
Not only am I super proud because he worked his butt off to get that paper but because he defied all Asian-like logic.

To go to college in the Chinese world? Unthinkable.
To enter the world of arts? Unfathomable.
 To pursue a career in writing where you may or may not make it and if you do are said to make a peanut-like salary?
My ancestors would say,”that deserves a bowl of white rice in the face.”

It’s inspiring to see somebody chase after their dream.
I always look up to people who go against the rice-grain!

With that, all I wanted to write today is congrats, Core! YOU DID IT!
And please… when you move mountains in your career please please please don’t forget the little people.
By that I very obviously mean ME, your big sissy!!

Put change in my change purse and pay off my college debt, thanks!

To everybody else, remember passion always trumps pragmatism!
Being pragmatic all the time is uber boring.
You know, shoot for the stars and all of that other shit.
Yes, that’s my idea of being inspirational.
On second thought maybe you shouldn’t pay any mind to me. I use the word shit too much and I’ll be a pauper after I graduate. Feel free to bet your bottom dollar on it.
Or better yet, put it in my change purse. Thanks!! 



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