a blurbie about me

My blog is a simple one.
It’s simply a blog on all things that tickle my fancy.
I’ve titled it ‘Laugh, Live and Love’ because I believe that that’s what makes a life worthwhile.
It’s important not to frown too much because it’s unsightly. And, frown lines are soOo unbecoming.
Why have frown lines when you can have happy lines?

frown lines are lines created between your brows- they create the illusion of a permanent uni brow!

happy lines are created at the outer crevices of your eyes- they just make you look like you’re smizing (smiling with your eyes)!
smizing is always very sexy ! DO IT!


i LAUGH at pretty much everything- even things that infuriate me or make me bawl
(the stories I find funniest now are the same stories that made my lips quiver and eyes swell when I was going through them before)
i LIVE to explore, learn, and travel.
i LOVE the people who i’m fortunate enough to have in my life.

And, so like Ellen Degeneres says, “be kind to one another.”
Also, Laugh a bunch, Live your life to its fullest, and Love everything (yes, you can love with your pants on people!)



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