Caribana, 2012. Got this photo on top of the bridge!

Ive lived in Toronto for thelast 24 years and yesterday was my first ever time visiting Caribana. And, it was bananas!
Without fail, in the last six or seven years, I’ve worked the day of the festival! But no sir, not this year. NA-UH!
I got the day off at the last minute.
I debated hitting the beach instead to get my tan on and attempt to not completely make a fool of myself at the nets but thought against it. After all, Caribana only comes to Toronto once a year and who knows the next time I’ll ever be free again to see it.
Plus, making a fool of myself is a year round thing. No need to skip a festival for it!

**note: to view photos in full– just click them! They are clickable :)




Anyway, the festival was a really good time. It was literally a huge party out on the streets of Toronto. It was full of pumped up music and people just winding and grinding. Normally I’m a prude but I guess on Caribana everything goes! Clothes and most rules included. Oh wait, let me be clear … not mine obviously…the rest of Toronto’s, I mean! It was great fun watching everyone though. I had a few good laughs and got to see a lot of really interesting sights and take a few photos.

When I went clubbing for the first time I was so darn nervous. I thought THIS was how everybody was supposed to dance. I didn’t even know what bubbling and grinding was. I had to ask. Like a dummy. HA.

After the parade ended I was lucky enough to have some extra time and company to explore the rest of our city.
Or parts of it, at least.
 We took a stroll around the beautiful harbor– I absolutely adore strolling during the summer time.
Something about the air mixed in with walking and some great candid conversation around open water is just so wonderfully…refreshing!

Ryan taking in the beautiful sight that is Toronto’s lakeshore

The only thing about Toronto water I quickly discovered  while trying to breathe in all of the happy sights is it looks thirst quenchingly great but it’s damn d-i-r-t-y! euch!!

Ry and I also checked out some rad bikes! (Did I mentioned I got a new bike? Or an old bike? Erm, a new-old bike… and am going to take on a fun end of summer project and gussy it up real good so I can ride along with Boogie in a basket, listen to some embarassingly shitacular pop music blasted at an ultra high volume, take some photos while exploring what our city has to offer… all while whistling and cat calling at yummies while I ride off into the sunset!? … for another bloggie!)
…We also ate some mushy non meat-like sausages MMM-mmm yummy, but not really. (Well worth the $2 though.)
Danced in the pouring rain, but not really. More like ran to our car that was parked uber far from where we were. HAHA!
Quenched our thirst with starbucks and explored Yorkville.
I’ve got to commend some of the douchebag doucheries for being so… douchey there! ugh!

… We also took in some great sights like Toronto’s Inukshuck. It was given to us in 2002 after world youth day!
I quite like the meaning of it. It’s meant to remind us to strive for peace and justice.
It makes me think of journalism and why I want to do what I want to do. It also makes me think that not all young people are jerks, HA! SOME actually care about people and the world… which makes me smile. After all of the sights and strolling we ended off by satisfying my dangerous craving for… sweets! I finally finally finally paid a visit to Futures Bakery and downed that Turtle chocolate cheesecake! MY goodness… I’ve been dreaming about that cheesecake like a loser for the last year. I don’t know what in the heck prevented me from venturing there for this long… but it was so very well worth the wait!
After all, all good things come to those who wait, right!? RIGHT
Just another good ‘ol check for my summer to-do list! YES, lots of my list centers around food! I can’t help it :)

… And I know I just had another one of my mini school-raves but I can’t believe I head back to the dungeon in another few weeks. UGH!
It’s a tossup between being super excited and anxious.
But, like always… I will survive hey! hey!

Until then I still have some wiggle room for more adventures.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer.
Perhaps soon I’ll write about the time I almost killed myself…on a bike.
Or the time a nineteen year old tried to chat me up and I almost fell for it… does that make me a cougar? HA!
…But cougars have money and big boobs and fake nails and puffy bee stung lips, right?! Nope. I am no  cougar.
No boobs. No money. And I am deathly afraid of being stung by a bee. EEEEGAD!
Or the time I whopped major ass at the batting cage.
Or…Or…Or…yeah. I’m done for today with my nonsensical blog.
It literally jumped all over the place–but hope whoever you are reading my garbage that you enjoyed my pics at least!

Super thanks for wasting time with me =)


PS. I don’t know why wordpress has messed up my fonts. meh.


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